The Origin Of Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins 4 Less has been producing custom challenge coins for years. Throughout the years that we have dedicated to produce high-quality customized coins, we’ve witnessed the importance of our coins to every organization.

You might be wondering why custom challenge coins are used today. It has been used to give recognition to people who have done something exceptional. You might even have received something like this since these coins are given as awards or tokens of appreciation, or even as a form of identification of members who belong to a certain organization.

custom challenge coins

It had been widely used in politics and even in Hollywood. The use of these coins are even more prominent in every centralized organization that hierarchically functions, some of these are police departments, fire station department, military, and even in corporations.

The History Of Custom Challenge Coins :

The history of its purpose and existence is not clear yet. However, there are some stories that tell how custom challenge coins have begun. In every story you would notice that challenge coins have already been used as tokens for recognition of as symbols to identify the members of certain organization.

There are several stories that tell how these coins have played its part in history. The earliest among these stories was dated back during the ancient times when the Roman soldiers were given customized coins as form of recondition for their effort and valor.

The Roman soldiers would go into the battle and receive their salary once they came back from the battle. Aside from the salary, they were given customized coins that bore their legion’s insignia.

Military Coins

These customized coins are can be used to purchase anything they want. However, the Roman soldiers have chosen to keep their coins as souvenirs instead of using them to buy the things they want.

Another story, which is the most popular one, has dated back during the World War II. During that time, several young Americans volunteered to serve as soldiers to fight the war against Germans, along with their French ally. They were sent to France to do this mission.

In one squadron, there was a captain who was rich. He ordered several customized coins to give his men. Among these men was a young pilot. The young pilot kept his coin inside a leather pouch that was dangling around his neck.

Custom CoinsOne day, the young pilot was forced to land close to the German border due to his aircraft damage. Because of this, the Germans captured him and stripped everything that can verify his identity except the pouch that was hanging around his neck. The Germans did it to discourage the young pilot to escape.

However, this didn’t stop the young pilot from escaping. One night he escaped by taking advantage of the bombardment that was happening during that time. However, he left everything that could verify his identity.

During his escape, he was hiding from his enemies by disguising himself like a civilian. He did this until he reached the French outpost where he was captured again.

custom military coinsThe French soldiers didn’t recognize his accent. The young pilot had nothing that could prove his identity. Because of this, the French decided to execute him. Out of desperation, the young soldier reached for his coin inside his leather pouch and gave it to the French soldiers. The French soldiers recognized the insignia on the coin. Recognizing it as a symbol of an ally, they decided to postpone the young pilot’s execution. This gave them enough time to verify the identity of the young pilot, which was indeed their ally. Because of this mistake, the French soldiers gave him a bottle of wine.

Your challenge coins have gone a long way throughout the history. Because of this, these have been used for giving recognitions and awards for the members of certain organization. Our company is proud that we’re taking part of its legacy, by producing high-quality custom challenge coins that will last for a long time.

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